About Marchman Act Florida

Marchman Act Florida provides caring, legal, and manageable solutions to individuals, families, and organizations, negatively impacted by severe symptoms of both substance abuse and mental health disorders. We have created a Comprehensive Care Management program designed to break through some of the most impenetrable resistance, denial, and bureaucratic red tape.

Our philosophy is simple:
“No matter what anyone tells you, you do not have to wait for a person to be a danger to themselves or others to take action. You just need a solid plan, a unified approach, and a steady hand.”
Marchman Act Florida was founded with significant insight into the complexities of addiction while carefully identifying, treating, and managing the true underlying issues contributing to mental health disorders with respect, dignity, and in confidence.

Our Founder

The company was founded by a gentleman who is also one of the primary interventionist and is heavily involved in the daily operations. Although he is an Entrepreneur, he is compassionate and empathetic which always shines through in his work.

Because he has experienced the toll of mental health and addiction in his own family, he has made it his mission to stop the devastation in the lives of others. In 2005 he helped start and manage a treatment referral agency and worked in Marketing, Admissions, and Management.

In 2009 he sold his interest in the previous company and was mentored by other Interventionists as he worked to become certified. This ignited a passion for working with families who have lost hope and addicts who have lost touch with reality.

About this website

It was during that time that he discovered the Florida Marchman Act and created this website to post his research findings for community education and marketing purposes. What he found was that the law was a great idea but has many complications, including the fact that each county handles it differently. He also found that out of 67 counties there was no real consolidated website for free information about the Marchman Act. This became a huge research project that has cost hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to bring together in one consolidated website. The site will continue to be updated as we learn more information and will also be open to the public to share their personal experiences on a per county basis. We hope above all that this website helps families find recovery from ravaging affects of untreated addiction and mental health disorders.


The information found on this website should in no way be constructed or taken as legal advice. We are not lawyers and have no interest in giving legal advice. We are not funded by or affiliated with the State of Florida and do not represent any government agency. 

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