Intervention Services and Involuntary Treatment Help

Our Services

Every person has different needs; so our service is customized to the individual.

  • Marchman Act
  • Consultation
  • Treatment Planning
  • Intervention Strategies

Full Consulting Package include:

Initial Consultation – During this phase we gather critical information and case history on the identified patient, family and support structure.

Research – This includes researching treatment options, verifying insurance benefits, checking admission protocol and pricing, recruiting family members, phone calls, emails etc.

Written Action Plan – This includes a summary of the case, assets, liabilities, recommendations, Marchman Act instructions specific to your county, treatment program information and pertinent family support information.

Price Negotiations – Whenever possible it is our goal to save your family money by getting state funded or discounted services.

Family conference call – Enjoy expert coaching from a Certified Interventionist on how to prepare for how to intervene both now and in the future.

Family Support – Recovery Advocates is huge on family support. We will provide your family with resources to help you heal and strengthen for your battle with addiction.

Books – There are two books we highly recommend family members read immediately: ‘Love First’ by Jeff and Deborah Jay and ‘Codependent No More’ by Melody Beattie. Instead of just recommending these books we mail out a copy of each.


We are not attorneys nor are we affiliated with the state of Florida. If you would like a referral to an attorney or would like to discuss alternative intervention strategies call now at 833-497-3808

Need help with a family member or friend? We can help!