Marchman Act Baker County

Baker County Intervention Help

Marchman Act Baker County Florida (Marchman Act Baxter, Marchman Act Cuyler, Marchman Act Glen Saint Mary, Marchman Act MacClenny, Marchman Act Macedonia, Marchman Act Margeretta, Marchman Act Sanderson, Marchman Act Taylor)

Baker County Marchman Act Fling location:
Baker County Courthouse
339 E. Macclenny Ave.
Macclenny, Fl 32063

Baker County Counseling Services Inc (BCCS)
213 East Macclenny Avenue
Macclenny, FL 32063

Additional Notes: Filing procedure starts with a meeting with a counselor at Baker Community Counseling Services (BCCS) to fill out the Marchman Act petition. Then receive further instructions about submitting petitions from the counselor.

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