Can the Police Arrest Someone While They are in a Drug Rehab?

While arresting an individual in rehab is not the right approach, the police can arrest someone in drug rehab. However, there is a specific procedure in how you will be charged while you are in rehab and several factors that may lead to your arrest. For instance, if you commit a crime while you are in rehab, you can be arrested. Rehab is not a sanctuary where you will be immune to law enforcement.

Why the Police Cannot Arrest You While You are in Rehab

Being in rehab is often considered an attempt to turn your life around and be a better person. In most cases, police are not allowed to seek someone who has committed an offense or even arrest them when they are in rehab. This is because of HIPPA laws that protect individuals in rehab like they protect those in hospitals. In most cases, police will wait until after you have completed your time in rehab before they arrest you. The police cannot arrest you from a drug rehab due to jurisdiction. Your information cannot be handed out to anyone, even if the police know you are at the rehab. The rehab will protect you until you are done with your treatment.

Breaking the HIPPA laws is also an offense meaning there is little chance that you will be arrested while you are in drug rehab. A rehab can only give out your information if there is a warrant or a subpoena. It is unlikely that a rehab facility will give out your information or confirm you are the facility unless they are talking to your listed contacts. This is a standard rule. Your initial criminal act may determine whether or not your arrest process will be delayed until you are done with rehab. Chances are, if the criminal act you committed is not severe, your arrest will be delayed up until you are through with your time in rehab. However, several factors may influence this decision.

Reasons That May Lead to Your Arrest in Rehab

A drug rehab facility is not a sanctuary you can check into to run away from the crimes you have committed. Most Drug rehabs will run a background check before admitting individuals to their facilities. While laws protect individuals from being arrested while they are in rehab, there are plenty of reasons that can also lead to your arrest while you are in rehab. Below are some of the reasons that could lead to your arrest while you are in rehab:

  • If the rehab facilities call the police because you are out of control and you are found at fault.
  • If you rape someone, assault someone, or distribute drugs in the rehab facility.
  • When you commit a serious crime, then book yourself into rehab to avoid being arrested. The police can arrest and detain you.
  • The police can enter a rehab center and arrest a criminal when they are informed that the wanted criminal is committed there.

The decision for your arrest is also dependent on your chances of taking flight. Suppose you are an individual who possesses the risk of fleeing to avoid being prosecuted. In that case, you will be arraigned, and your bail may also be set significantly high so that you have no choice but to surrender to the court. The rehab can only hand you over to the police if you try to make a run for it or if the police have an arrest warrant and you would like to surrender.

Are the Police Allowed to Enter a Drug Rehab to Make an Arrest?

The police are only allowed into the drug rehab to arrest an individual if they have an arrest warrant or have been called by the drug rehab facility. They may also enter the premises if they have a search warrant. If the crime committed is minor, they will seek you after you have completed your time in rehab. Mostly, they arrest individuals who committed a crime and are running away from arrest or those who committed serious crimes. Rehabs are in place to ensure that you get better and turn your life around if you or a loved one struggles with drug addiction. It would be best not to commit a crime and check yourself into rehab in an attempt to run away from the law. We are located in Florida, and our counselors are available 24 hours a day at 833-497-3808.