Should I Call 911 Or Go To An Emergency Room If I Have A Drug Problem?

The emergency room seems like an excellent place to go when you need help, but you must realize that they can only assist in cases that are true emergencies. As someone with a substance abuse issue, you must know where to seek help. If you’ve taken too many drugs and are having a medical crisis, the ER is the first place you should turn. However, it’s not the best stop if you’re not in distress.

The ER and Substance Abuse

If you feel you’re overdosing, you need to call 911 to get a squad. The 911 operators are highly trained to help with a crisis, and they’ll dispatch a police officer, ambulance, or firetruck to your home, depending on the situation. The EMTs will take you to the hospital, where you can receive Narcan or other emergency treatment. Medical crises require a trip to the ER; if they feel it’s warranted, they will admit you to the hospital. However, if you’re not in distress, there are many ways to get help without going the route of a costly hospital visit. What you need is a rehabilitation center that specializes in your care. There are both inpatient and outpatient options, and you can even undergo a medically supervised detox at home. The emergency room can help point you in the right direction, but they work best in situations of urgent need.

The Danger of Drug Addiction

Illegal street drugs come from diverse places, all manufactured for profit. Consequently, many of these dealers don’t care about the quality of their goods, as their goal is to get you high and addicted. You can get marijuana laced with other things to enhance the psychoactive effects. Some dealers will put laundry detergent, heavy metals, glass, and even embalming fluid in the drugs. These agents give a different high, and it stretches the original batch to make it go further, which increases their return on investment.

Dealers who want to ensure you’ll be a return customer might mix PCP, cocaine, or even heroin in the mix. You must also understand that cleanliness is probably not a top concern unless your supplies come from a large-scale operation. It’s possible that trace amounts of other drugs can mix into your drug of choice by accident. Make no mistake; these people don’t care about you. It doesn’t matter to them if the drug you buy makes you deathly ill or kills you, as it’s all about making a profit.

Overdosing and the Emergency Room

In recent years China White hit the market. This substance looks like heroin but is nothing like it. Sadly, this drug is more potent than heroin, morphine, or fentanyl, and your chances of an overdose are great. It’s officially called furanyl fentanyl, and it’s cheap and easy to get. Whereas heroin costs around $2,200 per gram, this drug is around $57 per gram. It’s easy to see why some people might be tempted, but the compulsion can lead to deadly consequences. Should you happen to take a drug that’s laced or something too substantial for your body, you need to go to the ER. There’s a short window where you can get help; once the drug’s effects have completely overtaken you, it might be too late.

Getting Assistance for Rehabilitation

If you do not have a medical emergency but are ready to get help, we want you to call. Our supportive care team has the information you need to find the best fit for your rehabilitation needs. We can link you with inpatient and outpatient centers in your area, and you can get assistance quickly. You don’t have to live this way. If you’re ready to start the road to sobriety, call us today at 833-497-3808. This may be your most important call, as it can save your life.