What are the dangers of substance abuse?

Substance abuse is one of the most common problems in society today. Most people understand how dangerous it is when substance abusers are under the influence, but many don’t know that addiction can also be a health concern for those who abuse alcohol or drugs occasionally without becoming addicted. Sometimes, it’s even called “social drinking” because alcohol and drug use isn’t always an issue that can only be seen when the person begins using more and more. Here are some of the dangers of substance abuse and how it can impact those affected.

Loss of control

Many people think that they can drink a bit and not become addicted, but statistically, the more you drink and the longer you continue to use alcohol and drugs, the more likely it is that you will encounter a period when you don’t remember what happened or how much you drank. This period of memory loss is called blacking out. When someone blacks out drinking, it’s typical for them to be unaware of dangerous things that occur when drunk or high. When someone blacks out, they may not be aware that they’re losing control or that their judgment is worsening. If this happens frequently and the person is becoming aware of it, it’s a sign that substance abuse is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Social issues

If you’re drinking alcohol or using drugs with friends, you may feel it’s a good idea to drink or use even if you don’t want to. It’s not easy to resist the pressure, especially if there are always alcoholics sitting in your living room or using drugs at your exact location. Some people become so dependent on their negative feelings when they’re trying not to drink that they crave these feelings and will try harder and harder to achieve them. When that happens, you need to seek professional help, so your friends will understand how important it is to stay away from you while you’re using.

Increased risk of health problems

Many people drink a lot because they believe that they won’t get any hangovers or be sick if they drink enough. Many times this is true, but when the person stops drinking after being inebriated for a long time, health issues often occur because of how their metabolism is affected by alcohol and drugs. These health issues are sometimes blamed on how heavy the person is when they stop drinking, but the problem is that excessive drinking causes several health problems that can continue even after the individual has stopped using.

Increased risk of criminal activity

People addicted to alcohol or drugs don’t always use these substances to get high or drunk, but in some cases, they do. This is dangerous because substance abusers know that when they’re using, they will become more prone to criminal activity. Even if a person can’t perform their basic functions like walking or talking when drinking, it’s still possible for them to believe that they can do anything while under the influence; if they do engage in criminal activity while under the influence, it won’t be long before law enforcement is called to the scene and people in the community are informed of what happened.

Increased risk of mental health problems

Some people drink or use drugs, so they don’t feel the pain of their life, which is a normal response to severe physical or emotional trauma. It’s only common sense that if someone goes through extreme stress, they may try to numb the pain with their addiction. This can cause a spiral of mental illness known as “self-medicating.” When this occurs, you have people thinking that alcohol or drugs will help them deal with whatever problems are troubling them instead of seeing a doctor and finding treatment for what is wrong.


When you’re drinking alcohol or using drugs more and more, it’s typical for your mind to begin to tell you that this is what you need to feel good. This sense of needing the substance is called craving, a sign that addiction has developed in your system. When this happens, you will have difficulty convincing yourself that drinking or using drugs isn’t the answer to any issue in your life. Are you suffering from or noticing signs of substance abuse? If you’re going through a tough time and your mind has begun to tell you that drinking alcohol or using drugs might help, you may be in the midst of a problem that needs professional help. Contact us today at 833-497-3808 for assistance. We’re standing by to assist you as soon as possible.