What‘s The Difference Between Detox And Rehabilitation Programs?

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of people trying to get sober through detox and rehabilitation programs. However, not all rehab facilities are created equal. What’s the difference between detox and rehabilitation programs? Why might you need one or the other? Which is better for which specific needs? This blog post will give you all the information you need to help make an informed decision about your best course of action for getting withdrawal from addiction.

1. Duration

The length of detox programs will vary based on the patient’s needs and the type of substance abuse treatment received. Typically, detoxification is short-term and lasts between 5 to 10 days. In rehab, however, you will likely receive treatment for much longer; many people find the full 90-day rehab program necessary to move towards a more sober lifestyle over time.

2. Location

Detox programs are located in rehab facilities that provide a safe and supportive environment. Rehabilitation programs are located in the community, allowing you to work on your sobriety with less supervision than you would receive in a facility setting.

3. Stages

Detox programs tend to follow a three-stage format. The first stage of detox gets medically monitored. Under the care of medical professionals, you will get medical assistance if needed. The second detox stage focuses more on phycological needs, such as drug and alcohol counseling. In the last stage, you get safely reintroduced to substances under the supervision of a doctor and others trained in substance abuse treatment.

While rehabilitation programs don’t necessarily follow a specific format, most include at least three stages. The first stage lasts for about three months. This time is the stabilization stage and will help you transition back into the community environment. In the middle stage, which lasts for another six months or so, you work towards your goal of sobriety. The last stage occurs after you graduate from therapy, where you continue receiving help when needed.

4. Treatment Methods

Addictions treatment programs will vary in their methods to keep you sober. For instance, traditional detox programs rely solely on medical intervention. In rehab, however, you may be encouraged to learn new ways to cope with your addiction through various therapies and treatments. You might be required to participate in group therapy sessions or attend educational seminars. You may also take education classes about drug abuse and addiction over time.

5. Staff

During detoxification programs, you will work with medical professionals with experience treating addiction. During rehab treatment programs, you will work with licensed therapists and other qualified professionals who can assist you in your journey toward sobriety. They can help guide your recovery by teaching you about your addiction and providing support when needed.

6. Cost

Detox programs are generally less expensive than rehab programs. Detox programs, which tend to be shorter, will likely not require as much staff, resources and other costs associated with a rehab program. Rehabilitation programs can be quite expensive, but with the help of financial aid and insurance, there is a good chance you can find affordable treatment options.

7. Focus

Detox programs focus on the physical and medical issues associated with addiction. On the other hand, rehabilitation programs tend to focus more on the psychological aspects of addiction and recovery.

8. Outcomes

While many people can return home from a detox program and maintain sobriety, in rehab, it’s common for people to begin a sober lifestyle that lasts for years or even decades. During treatment at detox and rehabilitation centers, you will come away with strategies to live as an addict-free person.

9. Support

Detox programs don’t tend to offer much support, but rehab centers can. The support you receive in these programs will help you find a sober lifestyle that works for you and your needs.

These are just a few main differences between detox and rehabilitation programs. If you’re ready for change, give us a call at 833-497-3808 to learn more about what we can do for your recovery.