How Do You Know You're Getting the Best Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Florida?

Alcohol addiction is a debilitating condition with severe consequences. The effect can devastate an individual’s life, friends and family, career, and health. In extreme cases, it can develop into a full-blown addiction that requires expert treatment. Many variables are involved in assessing and treating alcohol addiction or alcoholism.

In Florida, the law allows involuntary and voluntary treatment for alcohol addiction. The Marchman’s act is an alcohol-related law that permits a court to order treatment for alcohol addiction. The court may order treatment for alcohol addiction for someone who is an imminent danger to others or themselves due to alcohol addiction.

Before choosing an alcohol rehab program, assess your particular situation. You may seek an inpatient alcohol treatment facility or a residential alcohol rehab, depending on your needs. Here are some ways you can know you’re getting the best alcohol rehab treatment in Florida.

1. Intellectually Stimulating Activities

The best rehab centers provide healthy, intellectually stimulating activities as part of their treatment protocol. These activities include reading, writing, trivia games, and music therapy. They help to keep you occupied and engaged during your time in treatment. Try to participate in these activities as much as possible.

Look for activities that encourage you to discover and learn about yourself. This will help keep your mind fresh and active and build confidence to control alcohol. It will also help to reinforce your ability to maintain a sober lifestyle following treatment. The sooner you integrate these activities into your daily routine, the more successful your recovery will be.

2. Quality Therapists and Staff

The most effective approach to alcoholism or drug abuse treatment is the one that includes input from experts. The people who work at your treatment center will be an integral part of your overall recovery process. They are an extension of the therapies that you will be receiving. Look for quality people who will be compassionate and supportive.

Ask if you can call your therapist or counselors to ask questions or check in on how the treatment is going. If you’re feeling stressed out about the process, it’s vital that someone who knows what they are talking about be there to help you through it. You can also expect a certain level of personal attention from your therapist or counselor.

3. A Medical Doctor

A qualified medical doctor helps make sure that any medical issues are identified and treated before they can affect recovery. They also provide prescriptions for medications that can help with any withdrawal symptoms you may have. They will examine you, provide you with a medical clearance, and discuss your treatment plan.

The detox process is gradual and not always pleasant. Your doctor needs to monitor the medication you receive and make sure that withdrawal symptoms are not becoming more severe. Look for programs that will have a medical doctor on call. In severe cases where you may need medical intervention, it’s crucial to get their attention as soon as possible.

4. Positive Peer Group

The society you live in while undergoing treatment can tremendously impact the outcome. You must have a peer group of positive people around you to make the most of your alcohol rehabilitation program. They can help encourage healthy habits and behaviors and deter risky actions that could spark addiction cravings.
Rehab centers should provide an environment that is conducive to your recovery. The program should be structured to facilitate your social interactions on campus. This can help you keep connected, remain sober, and have a positive experience during treatment.

5. Individualized Treatment Plans

Treatment plans should be geared towards each individual’s success in recovery. There are many different types of therapies. These include CBT, psychotherapy, meditation, 12-step programs, art therapy, and even hypnosis. These therapies can be used alone or together, depending on your needs and the severity of your addiction.
Feel free to talk with your therapist or psychiatrist about your treatment plan. If there are any aspects that you don’t feel comfortable with, you should have the option to change them. It is a good idea to get any questions or concerns out in the open immediately so they can be addressed immediately.

At the first sign of alcohol addiction or alcoholism, seek professional help. The sooner you start a treatment plan, the more effective it will be. Getting all the help and support you need can give you a fresh start with sobriety and a new lease on life. To get the help you deserve, call us today at 833-497-3808.