Can You Get Your License Back Sooner After a DUI in Florida If You Go to Rehab?

After a DUI in Florida, can you return to driving sooner if you go to rehab?

Driving after excessive alcohol consumption may be classified legally as operating under the influence (OUI), driving while intoxicated or impaired (DWI), or driving under the influence (OUI).

In addition to being against the law, driving under the influence increases your risk of harming yourself or others. The penalties for a DUI are that someone who exceeds the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) risks losing their driver’s license.

It is frequently a warning sign that someone has a drinking problem, such as heavy drinking, binge drinking, or alcohol use disorder (AUD). If you or a loved one displays any of these good indicators, perhaps it’s time to get expert advice.

How to Regain Access to Your Florida Driver’s License

You can get your license reinstated by visiting a Florida DMV office after the suspension period is over. Depending on the particulars of your situation, you must:
• Pay the administrative and reinstatement costs that are necessary;
• Finish a program for substance abuse treatment and DUI education if the court in your case had so ordered;
• Provide the required legal proof of insurance; and
• Comply with additional standards set down by state law.

Option 1: Take no action

You will have your license suspended when ten days have passed. Your license will be immediately suspended for a year if you refuse to undergo a sobriety test; you will face a 90-day rigid suspension if you do.

If discovered to be operating a vehicle while inebriated, your license would be suspended for six months (DUBAL). You will also have a harsh suspension for the following thirty days.

You can apply for a hardship license following the thirty- or ninety-day stiff suspension, which will allow you to drive for work-related purposes for the balance of the suspension.

Option 2: Submit an appeal

You can qualify for a temporary license valid for forty-two days if you appeal the suspension within ten days after your arrest. This “hardship permit” enables you to drive for commercial purposes while the suspension is contested.

Option 3: Give up the right to an appeal

Your third choice is not to request a formal review hearing and to apply immediately for a hardship license that will let you drive for “business purposes” while you are suspended.

You must attend DUI school within ten days of your arrest and get enrollment documentation to provide to the Bureau of Administrative Reviews to qualify for this option.

Being accused of DUI

Although you may not believe it’s a huge concern to drive after having a few drinks, it could significantly impact your life. After a home party or sporting event, you’ll likely be caught if you’re driving drunk.

The extent of the incident will determine if you have any options. You may be given a prison sentence, sent to a treatment facility, or given the choice of choosing your course of action.

Information about DUI Treatment

Rehab is recommended following a DUI, even if it is only necessary for extreme circumstances. Each person’s experience with this rehabilitation procedure will vary depending on their circumstances.

Whether you are an inpatient or outpatient participant, you will likely be required to finish one or more of the upcoming tasks:
• Attend a DUI course to regain your license.
• Avoid using alcohol and other drugs.
• Consult a counselor to talk about your routines.
• Detoxify medically
• Engage a case manager
• To visit a neighborhood support group,
Of course, if you decide to sign up for a treatment program, your program may change.

Get Assistance

If someone else or you are struggling with alcohol addiction, look for a sober living facility to get help from a specialist. Recognize that you choose to get better, live a fuller life, and leave with the tools to remain sober and healthy.

Being ready can guarantee you make the most of your treatment experience and leave with the skills you need to be clean and healthy. Call us at 833-497-3808.