Is Drug Relapse Preventable?

Drug relapse is a widespread problem for addicts and alcoholics. In fact, after becoming sober from drugs or alcohol, a person is five times more likely to relapse than they are to get clean in the first place. The overall consensus is that drug relapse is preventable. It may seem very complicated, but it can be pretty simple if the addict understands why they are using drugs again in the first place. These are some of the ways to preventable drug relapse.

Know Your Triggers

The first step to preventing drug relapse is to understand your triggers. While it is common to use drugs or alcohol in social situations, it is also normal to feel the urge to use drugs in stressful situations. It can be an issue if the stress causes a person who is recovering from drug and alcohol addiction anxiety and depression. When these feelings come up, they may think that they need drugs. Knowing your triggers is crucial before going out with friends or family so that you do not start using drugs again because of them.

Try to Stay Away

The addict who wants to stay sober must stay away from their triggers. It can be difficult because they are often a part of the addict’s life. While it is ideal to avoid people, places, or things that remind them of drugs or alcohol, sometimes that is impossible. If the problem is serious enough and the triggers are hard to avoid, it may be helpful to get help from family members, friends, or counselors. Support from people who understand addiction will help an addict stay clean.

Enroll In An Aftercare Program

An aftercare program is where the recovering addict can go to get help and will be surrounded by other people who know what they are going through. Most aftercare programs require that the addict meets with someone face-to-face at least twice a week. The meetings are one of the best ways to prevent drug relapse because it allows the recovering addict to have somebody to talk to and relate to. The aftercare program keeps addicts from getting depressed and removes their feeling of loneliness. If they feel lonely, they are more likely to do drugs again.

Do Positive Activities

The addict’s mind is always occupied with either drugs or negative thoughts. The best thing for recovering addicts is to keep their minds busy with positive activities. It may mean enrolling in college courses, getting a new job, or joining a social group that deals with hobbies the addict enjoys. Doing something positive gives the recovering addict something to do when not engaging in aftercare meetings.

Live In A Place That’s Drug-Free

When an addict lives where drugs are used, the person may be more likely to want to use them again. Having clean surroundings helps the addict stay clean and prevents relapse. The best way to stop drug relapse is to live in a place where the addict would like to participate in many social activities. If a recovering addict lives in an area with nothing to do, the person could become bored and begin searching for something to do.

Follow The Plan

Having a drug relapse prevention plan is not enough. The addict must commit to a plan and follow it closely. A good example is when an addict goes back to school or enrolls in a course program. Following a plan is not always easy, but the addict must remember that drug relapse prevention could mean going through many changes. When the recovering addict understands how to prevent drug relapse and how everything will be different, they will feel less need to use drugs again.

In conclusion, drug relapse prevention is removing whatever makes the addict feel sad or unhappy. It involves almost everything in the addict’s life, from what they do and where they live to the people who become a part of their lives. If a recovering addict follows all of these steps to prevent drug relapse, there is a high chance that the recovering addict will stay sober for life. To get help preventing a drug relapse, call 833-497-3808.