What should my mindset be before entering a Marchman Act alcohol rehab?

No one likes being told what to do. Even a young child will stomp their feet and hold a stubborn stance when someone tries to make them do something that they don’t want. As an adult, you may no longer need to throw a tantrum, but you might still find yourself facing down a family member or friend who thinks that they know what you need better than you.

The Marchman Act was enacted in Florida to provide close loved ones with a way to help someone with a drug or alcohol addiction who begins to pose a danger to themselves. Once you know that this is happening to you, asking what should your mindset be before entering a Marchman alcohol rehab is a valid question that can help you get the most out of your treatment plan.

Acknowledge That Someone Cares Enough to Enact the Marchman Act

A person can only petition for the Marchman Act if they fall within the guidelines of being a close loved one who has reason to believe that you could be at risk for causing yourself harm. The reason why this Act exists is that there are times when drugs or alcohol can cloud a person’s mind so severely that they no longer have enough self-control to know when they need help. Someone who filed for this Act did so because they love you enough to want to know that you are safe from harm.

In most cases, someone files their petition only after they’ve gone through extensive steps to get someone into treatment on their own. In the past, your loved one may have tried to talk to you privately, hold an intervention and set boundaries to get you to quit drinking alcohol. Accepting that the people involved in this situation were acting out of love can help you to get over the hump of being angry about what is happening. Instead of going in with a rebellious mindset, you can choose to enter rehab with a general sense of acceptance that no one is trying to do you harm. Instead, this situation represents the exact opposite. Someone in your life cares so deeply about your wellbeing that they were willing to risk you getting angry so that they can make sure that you have the proper support for healing.

Start Thinking About the Benefits of Getting Sober

Getting over being mad at whoever planned this is only the first step. They may be able to force you to go to rehab, but no one can make you stay sober once you leave. This means that what happens next is now all up to you. Thinking over a few of these benefits of taking treatment seriously can help you begin to decide what you want to happen in rehab. •Your general health will improve •

You won’t have to worry about alcohol poisoning anymore •Your relationships will start to get better •You can stop worrying about drunk driving charges •You can begin pursuing your goals with a greater chance of achieving them If you’ve tried to quit using alcohol on your own in the past, then you might have simply given up. Alcohol addiction has a strong hold on your mind, and it is common to need some help with quitting drinking. Entering a rehab puts you in touch with trained professionals who will know how to help you avoid severe withdrawal symptoms. While those first few days won’t be easy, they are manageable when you have people around you who are ready to help.

Allow Your Mindset to Open Up During Treatment

Before you started drinking alcohol excessively, you likely had dreams and goals that you hoped to achieve. You also clearly have people in your life right now who care more about you than you might be able to imagine in this moment. The Marchman Act is meant to give your body and mind a chance to rest from alcohol use. Part of this process includes the fact that you’ll suddenly experience greater clarity after the alcohol leaves your system, and this represents an amazing opportunity that that you want to use to your advantage. At some point during your treatment, you’ll have to make a choice. This choice includes acknowledging the fact that you have been misusing alcohol, but it extends further than that.

Before the Act expires, you’ll have to make the decision to stay in treatment on your own and pursue sobriety. At the end of it all, the choice is truly yours to continue to do the work that you started during your first few days at rehab, but you’ll feel much more ready to do it when you discover the value of the support that you’ve been offered. Are you trying to figure out how the Marchman Act will affect your life? We’ve got all of the information you need to start mentally preparing for alcohol rehab. Give us a call today at 833-497-3808 to find support.