What Will Be The Daily Schedule During Inpatient Rehab?

The decision to enter rehab is often reached after a tumultuous, challenging time. Once you have decided to undergo inpatient treatment, you may be worried about what you will experience during this care. What will be the daily schedule during inpatient rehab? Inpatient rehab therapy will be highly individualized. However, you can expect a focus on boosting your physical health, addressing mental health concerns, managing any anxiety or mood disorders, and group or individual talk therapy.

Expect a Great Deal of Structure

Your early days in rehab may feel a bit regimented. You will be required to meet certain daily milestones, including a regular wake up time, group exercise and therapy sessions, scheduled mealtimes training to help build life skills. You will get some free time for some recreation, but the majority of that will occur in the evening. It may feel a bit like boot camp in the early phases, especially if you are not a morning person or have not been keeping a daily schedule with any regularity.

Expect Monitoring

Your regular wake-up time will be quickly followed by breakfast. During breakfast, you may need to adjust to any dietary restrictions. There are many intoxicating substances that are extremely hard on your body, so you may need to stick to a diet and fluid intake program that focuses on

  • reducing your sodium and sugar intake
  • boosting your fiber intake
  • getting enough protein

Depending on your current condition, you may either be facing more food than you’re used to or a very different diet. Know that each dietary option is tied to your wellness program and related to either supporting or rebuilding your body as you support your spirit and mental well-being with additional rehab programs.

Prepare for New Movement

You will likely participate in a couple of exercise classes throughout your course of inpatient rehab. These exercise courses will help you to

  • rebuild muscular strength
  • increase your flexibility
  • help you manage your stress

Rehab is a huge change and you may start to question your choice as you work through the process. A quality exercise program that allows you to center in your body, gain confidence in your strength and learn to manage anxiety within the confines of your own skin.


The first few days of detox can be extremely uncomfortable. You can expect to be closely monitored and will likely be encouraged to boost your water intake. Your kidneys, liver and gut will be working very hard under new circumstances as the toxins leave your body, so your water intake habits and choices will be critical. This form of monitoring may be intrusive. You may need to demonstrate your fluid intake. Depending on your physical condition, you may need to have your outputs measured. Know that all of this monitoring is directly related to rebuilding your cleansing system.

A Variety of Therapies

You may undergo expect both group and private therapies. If you are also dealing with underlying physical or mental health issues, you may need to be monitored for your reaction to any new medications. Group therapy can help you relearn how to build community, expand friendships and express yourself in front of new people. Like detox, none of this will be comfortable. However, as you work through all of the daily tasks of rehab, you will find reminders of the strength it took to get you to rehab.

Spiritual Considerations

There are spiritually based rehab programs that will offer counseling and care from that perspective. Not everyone is interested in a structured religious experience. If you are invited to participate in services that you’re not comfortable in, you may be encouraged to carry a journal and do some personal reflection instead or participating directly in the service. Part of going through rehab is becoming aware of your own comforts and struggles. If you are not comfortable with a particular spiritual direction or any of your fellow attendants, you may need to find the courage to discuss your concerns in a private counseling session. All of these actions are part of the growth of rehab. You will not be bored during rehab, though you may well experience discomfort as you are drawn into group counseling or required to attend group exercise. If you are ready to leave behind the pain of addiction, you can get help in our Florida facility. We can help. Call us at 833-497-3808.