If I Am Going Drug Rehab Soon, What Are Some Good Recommendations For Me?

If you are going to drug rehab soon, the best recommendation you will get from your therapist, your family, and your friends is to focus on having a successful rehab stay. This means that you should maintain your focus on recovery. Being aware of what triggers your cravings and addictions is essential to following the rehabilitation schedule planned for you by the rehab facility. Still, you must do your part, too. So, keep your goal of recovery clearly in mind, not only for the sake of your mental health while you are there, but for the continued success of your recovery after your stay. This article offers some helpful tips on following the advice you receive to have a successful stay.

Rehab is not at all easy. You have to admit that your life is a mess. Once that is done, once you accept that you have lost control of the narrative, then you will be open to the medical process of detoxing from drugs or alcohol. You will also be open to taking an active part in group and individual therapy.

How to Prepare for Your First Day in Rehab

There are a few things that you need to know before going to rehab. It’s important that you’re fully aware of what rehab is and what it is not. Rehab is not a cure-all and can’t fix everything, but it can help you get back on your feet. The first day at rehab will be an overwhelming experience, so here are three tips to help you make it through the first day without wanting to turn around and go back home.

  • Pack light! You won’t need many clothes or your favorite possessions while in treatment, so don’t overwhelm yourself with too much stuff. Also, take your bathing suit if the rehab facility has a spa or a pool!
  • Make sure you have all of your insurance information ready at the start of treatment. You’ll be able to stay longer than scheduled if necessary if your insurance company can reimburse a portion of your expenses.
  • If possible, call someone who has been through rehab before to get a feel for what to expect. Even if the person is still facing certain obstacles after rehab, there are some things that they may be able to suggest that would improve your experience.

What to do When You Feel You’re Losing Ground in Addiction Recovery

The longer you have been addicted, the harder it is to let go of the craving and psychological comfort that drug or alcohol provides. It is only natural to assume that you may experience a strong urge to relapse as soon as you get back home. But there are ways to keep yourself on track with experiencing a full recovery during rehab and keeping your gains when you get back to your usual surroundings.

Here are two suggestions to help you should you feel your recovery is going off the rails:

  • Keep a journal to track everything you do at the rehab center. This will help you stay self-aware enough to recognize the changes that you are going through every single day. It will also help you make clear decisions about any challenges you might be experiencing. In addition, a journal will help you capture any insights and reflect on things that occur to you. Realizing your mistakes through reflective journaling will help you feel less guilty about your past decisions.
  • Enlist the support and companionship of other people at the rehab facility who are also going through the emotional and physiological struggles of recovery. It can be easier to stay accountable for your own recovery when you are surrounded by people who are also trying to recover.

Tips on Managing Stress During Your Recovery Journey

As the recovery journey progresses, focus on managing your stress. It can be challenging at times to be on this new journey, and it will take time for your brain to heal.

Stress can be daunting. The key to managing stress is to set realistic expectations and accept that sometimes you will feel overwhelmed with negative emotions and thoughts. Having an app with guided meditation sessions can help you find peace when you feel that you just can’t go on anymore. Managing your agitation when it comes up will make your recovery feel more possible.

In conclusion, going to a rehab center is a good solution, one that will help them get back on the right track and lead a healthy life. It’s difficult to stay sober, but one thing is for sure–it gets easier every day. The first few weeks are always the hardest—you might not be able to sleep or even remember what your body feels like without the drug in your system. It always helps to keep the end in mind as you go through your recovery journey. Call us at 833-497-3808.