What Happens When You Arrive at Rehab

Rehab is a time for personal growth and re-focus for many recovering addicts. Once you arrive, there are a few things that you can expect to happen, such as completing an intake form, meeting with a counselor or therapist, undergoing a physical and mental evaluation. For most people entering rehab for the first time, it can be an emotional experience that tugs at their heartstrings and leaves them feeling vulnerable. One thing that is certain about rehab is the amount of time you will spend with your peers; this is the main reason for staying at a rehab center such as a sober living facility. In this piece, we will discuss what happens when you arrive at rehab.

Things That Happen When You Arrive at Rehab


When you first walk into a rehab facility, you will probably be greeted by your peer group. Your peers will likely ask you what it was like for you to arrive at rehab, how long it took for you to get here and how things are going; however, refrain from initiating personal conversations. This is a time for the group to help each other unite and find purpose within the energy.

Alcohol/Drug Screening

Before you begin your stay in rehab, you will be screened for drugs or alcohol and have your blood drawn so that the doctors can determine if any infections or diseases may be present. Your blood and urine samples will be sent to a medical lab for analysis, and the results are usually available within a few days. In the meantime, if you are provided with access to a computer and internet connection, you should use this time wisely by researching addiction to educate yourself about recovery methods.

Counseling/Therapy Sessions

After the first few days of detox, you will likely be asked to meet with a counselor or therapist who will go over your treatment plan with you. Your therapist will explain what will happen during your stay and how the treatment is going to proceed; furthermore, they will answer any questions that you may have and give you an idea of what to expect (and not to expect) within the next few weeks.


After your evaluation, you will be given an orientation where the staff will introduce themselves and explain the rules of the facility, such as how to use the shower and toilet facilities, what is allowed and what is prohibited (for example, alcohol, drugs, and cell phones are strictly prohibited). They will also describe their professional backgrounds to you; however, they should not share personal details with you, such as personal problems or feelings that they might have.

Group Therapy Sessions

The first few weeks of treatment will be filled with group therapy sessions where you can meet with other recovering addicts who have dealt with drug or alcohol addiction. The purpose of these sessions is to foster an environment where everyone, including the staff and peers, can communicate freely.

Family Therapy Sessions

If you have chosen to bring family members along with you, the therapist will schedule a family therapy session where your loved ones can discuss their feelings with a therapist and share their experiences. These sessions are to help them work through certain issues that may be hindering your recovery.

Peer Group Sessions

In the last few weeks of your stay, you can expect to attend peer group therapy sessions. These sessions allow you to meet with other addicts who are going through the same issues that you are currently dealing with, as well as share experiences and feelings with them.

Physical and Mental Evaluation

During the first few days of your stay, you will be evaluated by the staff to assess your mental and physical health for them to provide you with a thorough assessment. These evaluations can sometimes take days or even weeks to complete. In the meantime, you should not let this delay your treatment process.

Counselor Meetings

At different intervals during your stay, the peer group members will meet with their counselor, and they will answer any questions that you may have. This is a great way to stay connected with the staff and peers who are on your path to recovery. In conclusion, in the beginning of your stay, you will be introduced to the staff, and most importantly, you will meet your peers. These are important bonding experiences that allow you to begin a new chapter in life and begin a community of support that can help ease your mind. If this is your first time entering rehab, we hope that this information was somewhat helpful for you. For more Detox Information on how to detox from alcohol, Opiate Addiction, and other drug addictions, please contact us at 833-497-3808.